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Monday, March 24th 2014

5:29 PM

Better than Average

An acquaintance announced to a friend, in response to a question, "How's it going?" ... it's going "better than average" with a smile. When his friend left I told him, "If we could live our lifes "better than average, we would be happy men". I made a new friend as he walked over, introduced himself and shook my hand. 

So I am thinking, what makes life "better than average"? 

See the reply of Alex  under "user comments" found below on right. Your comment and thoughts on what makes a day "better than average", which is most welcome, can  be recorded under "leave a comment".
9 user comments.

Posted by Tim Ferguson:

"Better than average" ? It is baseball season, so we take a baseball analogy. If the average hitter's batting average is .260 but my average is .240, is better than average >261 or is better than average better than my average or .241? We are happy people when we stop demanding that we be better than the average person and are happy to be better than we have been doing... so a batting average of .241is just fine. Another idea on "better than average" will come soon.
Tuesday, April 29th 2014 @ 7:25 AM

Posted by Tim Ferguson:

We have learned that Huchfee of Caperston saw himself as only average. Particularly, in comparison to his best friend, Mattpaul. But Mattpaul's father saw potential in Huchfee. When he asked him to take on a special assignment, Huchfee accepted and grew into his new role. As time went on, Huchfee surprised himself. Why? Because someone else believed he was "better than average" and told him so.

Let's all tell our friends and acquaintances what special people they actually are. Especially tell those who internally set their expectations low. The Bible states - "With God, anything is possible." Let's take that promise to heart.
Monday, February 13th 2017 @ 7:26 AM

Posted by Alex:

Sometimes I compare myself to others too much. I am most happy when I just do my best and don't care what others think. So I will try to just do a little better each day. I think this is the message Tim is talking about.

Monday, June 19th 2017 @ 6:01 AM

Posted by Liz:

What makes life "better than average"? Good question! I would have to say some of the top things would be appreciating what you have, surrounding yourself with positive people, having a purpose and feeling like you are making a difference, helping to make others lives a little brighter, and keeping a positive attitude even when life throws you a few lemons. We cannot always choose our situation, but we can choose how we react to it. I believe this can make the difference between a bad day and a "better than average" day.
Sunday, July 9th 2017 @ 9:57 PM

Posted by immaculate:

What makes life better than average is helping the needy the best way you can. Some people just need to know that they are not invisible. They needs to know that somebody sees their pain and cares about them. having someone smile because you cared makes life better than average.
Monday, July 17th 2017 @ 1:30 PM

Posted by Tim Ferguson:

Thank you Immaculate. Your answer is perfect and reflects on Christ's message in Matthew 25: 31-46, a passage in the Bible that I refer to often. Making someone smile - what a day it is when we are able to accomplish such. :)
Monday, July 24th 2017 @ 6:54 PM

Posted by Alex:

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Tuesday, December 19th 2017 @ 11:11 AM

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