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Thursday, February 22nd 2018

2:48 PM

Gun Control: An Analysis


I have read the "Rants of Rage" taking over the internet on the Gun Control issue. There are the people calling for voters to reject anyone taking a donation from the N.R.A. and there are the gun owners who cry out "How dare you?" Beyond these rants are the poignant calls from the students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida and the parents from Sandy Hook School in Connecticut who call out "When will you act?"

Did you read the reports at: http://christianteensactivites.org/GunControl.php?

What are your thoughts? Suggestions?

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Thursday, November 16th 2017

7:14 AM

Christians Someone Bring Us Together

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Christians Speak Out. When will the nastiness in Washington stop? When will someone bring us together and stop splitting us apart with partisan politics? Thanksgiving is one week away and Christmas, the holiday of peace, goodwill and the Christ child's birth, is a month away.
As a youth worker since the 1970's I have always focused on my young people and let Washington politics do their thing. It has been successful for our youth. Now I worry about their future.

I am not sure what to do.

Ralph - your comments on previous post are worth a new blog entry.

Thank you.


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Monday, May 22nd 2017

1:33 PM

Challenges today - inequality/impatience... Let's Change the rhetoric


Let's Change the Rhetoric!!

The rhetoric is too high ... too nasty. Christians, whatever your political persuasion, Christians need prayer at this time.

How can we, as Christians, assist to fix this increasing hostility? Or do you think the expressed differences will pressure our leaders to act in some way?

From a different perspective. Conflicts in Caperston mimic some challenges found throughout the world today. The stratification of haves and have-nots is increasing, particularly in America. The rich get richer and the poor ... ???

The movement in Caperston, led by Zester, to label the mountain people as less than equals, led to the violence in their society? What do you think we

can learn from Caperston's trials and tribulations?

Did not inequality lead to the massacre on the highway?(http://christianteensactivities.org/newstoryApril2014.php)

Did not impatience lead to the martyrdom of Dustin? (http://christianteensactivities.org/NewstoryMay2014.php)

A recent comment from Alex: "Wouldn't it be nice to just forget the past and move on with a future of hope. However, we live in a world too separated by people with big differences of opinions. We can agree to differ but there is too much anger from extreme people on the 'left' and the 'right'.

See Alex's full reply under "user comments" found below on right. Your comment, which is most welcome, can also be recorded under "leave a comment", also below right. 


To “Massage School Hoboken” - another thing that clears the soul and, thus, enhances self - understanding is the ability to listen and prayer. We can learn much from our young people about prayer. Play the below You Tube video... how special it is.







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Tuesday, April 25th 2017

4:51 PM

Stories of Faith Hope and Love: God's Amazing Call

        In 1973 it became apparent that it was time for me to move on. It  was difficult. Though I had a job at a local insurance company, my youth ministry at the Stony Brook coffeehouse was my real mission in life. It took a good friend's  heart to heart conversation with me to solidify my conviction that there truly was a new life ahead. I prayed about it and decided to leave it in God's hands - I would take the first affordable apartment anywhere within an hours drive of my place of business.

nbsp;       In May 1973 that "anywhere" became an unknown town in central Long Island, N.Y. by the name of North Babylon. Bordering to its north was the village of Deer Park. To my amazement the very first Sunday I attended the Deer Park Presbyterian Church a church elder announced that he wanted the church to support a new local coffeehouse. God had called me to leave one coffeehouse ministry behind and immediately gave me a new one in my new home. To this day I still marvel at how God calls us to our missions.

For those of you visiting this blog from the Facebook page: Friends of Mattpaul, you have seen the attached video. You will recognize that this call to youth ministry in Deer Park comes after the discussion of the beginning of the Stony Brook Coffeehouse and the thoughts beginning with "Fast forward 32 years".

See the replies of Alex and Linda under "user comments" found below on right. Your comment and/or your story of faith/hope/love which is most welcome, can also be recorded under "leave a comment". 

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Monday, March 24th 2014

5:29 PM

Better than Average

An acquaintance announced to a friend, in response to a question, "How's it going?" ... it's going "better than average" with a smile. When his friend left I told him, "If we could live our lifes "better than average, we would be happy men". I made a new friend as he walked over, introduced himself and shook my hand. 

So I am thinking, what makes life "better than average"? 

See the reply of Alex  under "user comments" found below on right. Your comment and thoughts on what makes a day "better than average", which is most welcome, can  be recorded under "leave a comment".
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